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Say Hello to Brighter Eyes

The signs of ageing are often most noticeable around the eyes. Baggy or even heavy eyelids can make you look tired, even when you don’t particularly feel worn out. Heavy eyelids are a common complaint. In fact, surgeries to address this problem are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK.

Collagen and elastin are two essential components found in your skin. As we age, the production of these slows, making skin loose and baggy. When this occurs in the eyelids, the result is sagging and creasing, causing a tired look. Covering your heavy eyelids with makeup can become a challenge, too, as the looser skin can easily smudge your eye shadow.

With an eyelid lift, we can rejuvenate the skin and give you brighter, more youthful-looking eyes. This brief ‘soft’ surgical blepharoplasty treatment provides long-term results, restoring lost confidence while helping you look like your best self.

Why Choose Us for Your Eyelid Lift?

Before we start, we’ll thoroughly assess your eyelids and discuss what you’d like to achieve.

Our highly-trained and experienced clinical professional will carry out your treatment in a clean and comfortable environment. Before the procedure, we’ll talk you through exactly what to expect and take everything at your pace. Ultimately, we want you to feel completely confident and at ease about your eyelid lift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Eyelid Lift?

An eyelid lift is a low-risk procedure that removes excess skin from your eyelids. Our treatment doesn’t require needles or scalpels, as the excess skin will be removed using an award-winning device called PLEXR.

How Does an Eyelid Lift Procedure Work?

When you come in for your treatment, we recommend not wearing any makeup around the eyes. We’ll start the procedure by cleansing your skin before applying a topical cream to numb the area. This takes around 30 minutes to start working. Once the area is numb, we’ll start to use the PLEXR® device. Throughout your treatment, this state-of-the-art device doesn’t actually touch your skin. The procedure will usually take between 10 - 30 minutes; however, the exact length will vary depending on the size of the treatment area. Following your treatment, we’re always on hand to give you support if you have any concerns.

How Safe Are Eyelid Lifts?

Because the eyelid lifts we carry out are non-surgical, they are completely safe. Your treatment will be carried out by a highly-skilled, qualified, and experienced clinical professional who has performed this procedure many times. Ahead of your procedure, we’ll talk you through any possible side effects and let you know what the recovery process may look like. We’ll also give you plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you may have or to discuss any concerns and anxieties.

What Is the Recovery Time for an Eyelid Lift?

A full eyelid lift recovery can take 10 - 21 days. There may be some initial swelling for the first few days after treatment; however, this should subside within four days. In the treatment area, you may have a light crust. This will typically fall off on its own after around 5 - 10 days. Once this drops off, you’ll be left with pink skin. It’s normal to have some small pink or brown dots that look like dips in your skin. These can last for a few months after the procedure and will eventually fade away on their own.

Are There Any Side Effects From an Eyelid Lift?

A non-surgical eyelift lift is a very low-risk procedure. That said, there is always a small chance that you’ll experience side effects. These can include itching, swelling, and hyperpigmentation.

Is There Any Aftercare Associated With an Eyelid Lift?

After you’ve had an eyelid lift, you should avoid any exercise for 72 hours or until the swelling goes down. When it comes to caring for the treatment site, don’t use any exfoliating cleansers, apply plasters, or rub the skin. When drying after washing, gently pad the area dry with a towel. During the immediate recovery period, you should keep yourself well hydrated and not consume alcohol. If you’re a smoker, we suggest keeping this to a minimum. If possible, use nicotine gum.

How Noticeable Are the Results of an Eyelid Lift?

Eyelid lifts give you a naturally fresh appearance around the eyes. Heavy sagging will be a thing of the past, and your friends and family will all notice how healthy and well-rested you look.

Will I Need a Top-Up Treatment Following My Eyelid Lift?

The effects of your eyelid lift will be long-term. Unlike many other types of soft surgery, the results of an eyelid lift are permanent. That said, an eyelid lift won’t stop the ageing process in the future; however, it’ll undoubtedly turn the clock back on the effects that time may already have had on the skin around your eyes.

Is an Eyelid Lift Right for Me?

Undergoing any cosmetic treatment requires proper consideration. An eyelid lift is suitable for anyone with heavy or sagging eyes. If you’d like to learn more about the procedure to find out whether it’s a good option for you, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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