Hygiene Treatment

check Tailored and thorough hygiene sessions to rid you of gum disease, bad breath and staining

check Removes calculus, plaque and staining from your teeth

check Get demonstrations on brushing and oral hygiene

check Prophyflex (airflow) stain removal cleaning that targets staining built up from smoking, tea, coffee and red wine

check Safe, quick and painless

Say good-bye to stained teeth and red, bleeding gums. Love Teeth offer tailored hygiene sessions to help you fight gum disease, bad breath and staining. Our hygienist, Miss. Gosha works closely with our dentists and Periodontist to bring you thorough, individual treatment and advice.

What Is Hygiene Treatment?

Hygiene treatment is the removal of calculus and plaque from the teeth and below the gums to ensure a healthy mouth. Your treatment will also include the removal of staining and demonstrations on brushing and oral hygiene. Hygiene treatments are carried out by hygienists, under the prescription of a dentist and the programme is tailor-made for you.


Prophyflex is an air polishing jet instrument that removes staining built up on teeth from smoking, tea, coffee, red wine and other food stuffs.

The system works by air, water and carbonated particles being projected at high pressure onto the tooth surface.

The treatment is safe, quick and painless, usually taking around 15-30 minutes to complete the procedure.


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