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Composite Bonding
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1-Day Smile Makeovers

Mirror Mirror!
Who offers the best composite veneers of all?

At Love Teeth we are known for our composite bonding smile makeovers, our dentists have transformed 1000’s of smiles with composite bonding and composite veneers. Depending on your situation a composite smile makeover can be completed in as little as 2 hours! If you are looking for composite bonding in Surrey, your search ends here!

For those where a composite veneer smile makeover and speed are of the essence, many of our team are trained in the SmileFast technique, where we can achieve a full and stunning smile transformation in as little as an hour.

It means you have the smile of your dreams with the latest composite veneer techniques and materials at a cost-effective price, without taking time out.


How Does Composite Bonding Work?

Take More Me Time

In many ways, composite bonding is just like a traditional smile makeover carried out with porcelain veneers. The difference is that your tooth structure is not cut back, your teeth are artistically sculpted by our cosmetic dentists and the end results are achieved in hours and not weeks! The process of composite bonding – involves a highly-skilled dentist who works with a composite tooth-coloured material to literally re-sculpt every tooth.

Each tool is individually designed to the exact shape, colour and texture to give you smile perfection. Every smile is different and our cosmetic dentists can design your composite veneers just the way you want them.


Read Our Five-Star Rated Reviews

Our award-winning dentistry is consistently five-star rated. Here’s what our patients say.

Kimberly Hollamby
Reviewed on Google

Very welcoming and thorough advice on composite bonding for my teeth!

Sarah Parsons
Reviewed on Google

Came in for a consultation with Michal regarding composite bonding – all staff were super friendly and welcoming. Michal was hilarious and really put me at ease, he answered all my questions and gave me honest, informative options which was then given to me as a print out. Really appreciated the environment and will definitely be going ahead with my treatment with these guys!

Bridget Hanwell
Reviewed on Google

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! I am so impressed with the incredibly kind, professional staff at this amazing practice.We booked in for a check up and was absolutely delighted when we went in to find a child-centric, relaxed atmosphere where my son felt comfortable. The theming of the waiting room is fantastic, and makes a trip to the dentist an exciting experience for a child, rather than a dreaded one, he even looked forward to returning for his filling! Cannot recommend this place enough, definitely a win for Love Teeth.

Emma White
Reviewed on Google

So friendly and welcoming from the moment you walk in the door. The staff remember you and make you feel at ease. Rohan and Debbie just did a filling for me and the whole thing was a breeze, very kind considerate treatment and lovely people. Thank you!

Karen Gillis
Reviewed on Google

Having hated my teeth all my life I decided to treat myself! I did a lot of research and Love Teeth had very good reviews and they also had local practises which made them a good choice. Prior to having porcelain veneers fitted, I saw the hygienist and also had some root canal work done. I wouldn’t say I have a phobia of dentists but I am nervous! But I needn’t have been. It was all pain free! The reception girls were all lovely too. Very friendly and they remember your name! Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Love Teeth (I attended the Sutton clinic).

Ann Gardner
Reviewed on Google

Thanks Dr Emmanuel Clozza for my new implant – really pleased with the result. Dr Clozza Love Teeth Stonecot Hill is a true professional and the best dentist. Everybody at the Stonecot Hill Surgery makes you feel at ease – Ann Gardner.

Egle Arbuckle
Reviewed on Facebook

Amazing dental practise with very caring doctors. For someone who is scared of dentist I can say it’s a place where people working there gives you confidence. Dr Sheena Patel is an angel. So much recommended!

Rebecca Arnold
Reviewed on Google

I’ve just finished my Invisalign treatment and am thrilled with the results. All the staff are friendly and polite, always ready to help with any questions. The surgery looks and smells amazing, I can not recommend Love Teeth enough! Dr KP is an absolute perfectionist and the work I have had done alongside my Invisalign (veneers, gum lasering and contouring) looks absolutely amazing. Thank you to to all 😁


Just Six Composite Veneers

When we use the best direct composite materials, it takes less preparation than porcelain veneers to achieve the ideal smile. Direct composite veneers not only save time (in many cases 4-5 weeks), but composite bonding is much kinder to tooth enamel. Composite bonding is also approximately 50% cheaper than porcelain veneers and looks just as amazing.

Porcelain veneers do last longer than composite veneers and are more stain-resistant. When considering a smile makeover our dentists will discuss the pros and cons of composite bonding vs porcelain veneers with you and the final decision will be yours.

With SmileFast composite bonding, the process is so quick, that your smile could be transformed in a lunch hour.

Composite Bonding Is Perfect For

Colour and Texture

Discoloured Teeth? Chipped or Mottled Teeth? Composite bonding can mask those imperfections quickly.

Erosion & Wear

Certain foods and drinks can erode our teeth. Composite veneers can cover the staining, wear and texture caused by our diets.

Gappy Smiles

As long as the gaps are small composite bonding can close gaps between teeth in a short appointment. No need to wait months in braces or aligners!


We always recommend Invisalign for crowding but if it’s mild then composite bonding can work wonders without spending months in aligners.

Why Our Patients Love Composite Bonding


Did We Mention it’s Quick?

As little as a couple of hours – and one visit with our cosmetic dentist – is all it takes to get a brand new smile, just the way you want it.


Designed With You

We use digital imaging to design your perfect smile, as part of the process you will get a preview of how your composite veneers will look after treatment.


Composite is Gentle

Our techniques and the materials we use are non-invasive and kind to your tooth enamel. This means that your natural teeth will last longer, you can always opt for porcelain veneers a few years later.


Composite is Flexible

Composite bonding transforms chipped, cracked, misaligned, gappy, and discoloured teeth. Anything porcelain veneers can do, composite can do it quicker!


You CAN Afford Composite

The average cost of composite bonding is less than half that of porcelain veneers which means a smile makeover is now affordable for all. We also offer monthly payment plans to help spread the cost.


Why choose Love Teeth?

Cosmetic Perfection

Every smile we restore with composite bonding uses a high-quality, natural-looking tooth-coloured resin that seamlessly blends with your own teeth. Our skilled dentists use their artistic and aesthetic skills to ensure your smile is perfect.

Diligent Design

Success is in the planning—and our experienced team knows how to plan. After a thorough assessment and discussion, we’ll plan your bespoke treatment, focusing on the specific details that matter to you.

Sheer Simplicity

Although a lot of work goes into creating the perfect smile, you’ll love the simplicity of the procedure. Sit back and relax while we reimagine your smile, creating noticeably outstanding results in no time at all!

A One-of-a-Kind Treatment

No two smiles are the same, and because of this, every treatment is unique. With years of knowledge and experience at our fingertips, we’ll tailor your treatment to fix and refine the specific issues you face with your smile.

A Discomfort-Free Experience

While improving your experience is always central to all we do, the composite bonding process is straightforward and discomfort-free. That said, we’re always here to support you and find ways to minimise any worries or anxiety you may have.

Thousands of Smiles Restored

We’ve perfected countless smiles using this simple but effective cosmetic procedure. Why not see what our other patients say about their bonding treatments? Check out our positive feedback and glowing reviews.


Before & After cosmetic bonding


Discoloured and worn teeth with uneven edges.


Composite bonding & Enlighten whitening.


Broken tooth, deep bite, narrow arches and general overcrowding.


Alignment, bleaching, composite bonding (ABC) and a porcelain veneer.

Meet Love Teeth’s

Composite Veneer Artists

Our outstanding team has perfected the bonding procedure and achieved great results from the comfort of our clinics at Worcester Park, Cheam, Chessington, Stonecot, and Sutton.

Reshape Your Smile With
Composite Bonding & Veneers

At Love Teeth, our expert team has considerable skill in performing the composite bonding & veneers procedure. We’re proud of the results we achieve, and we know you’ll love your new smile.

To find out more about composite bonding & veneers, book your appointment now!