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Smoker’s Lines


Sometimes referred to as “kiss lines”, smoker’s lines are creases on your upper lip that form from repeated puckering or sucking motions. While we’re young, these lines naturally fade as our skin has enough collagen and elastin to restore itself. As we age, depleted collagen and elastin levels cause wrinkles to stick.

Although you may not smoke, these signs of ageing may still affect you. Smokers’ lines may appear from applying makeup, drinking through a straw, or even kissing.

Wrinkles and lines can deepen if you spend excessive time in the sun or smoke. UV rays from the sun lead to further decreases in elastin and collagen, and smoking harms the blood vessels below your skin, slowing the oxygen flow.

Prematurely aged skin can impact your confidence; however, there are treatments to remedy this issue. With anti-wrinkle injections, it’s possible to smooth the smoker’s lines and bring a refreshed look of youth to your skin.


How We Treat
Smoker’s Lines

The great news is that we can treat your smoker’s lines without surgery. Using injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers, we can flatten unwanted lines and give you a fresh, youthful appearance.

Every treatment starts with a thorough facial assessment. Here, we’ll examine your wrinkles and facial structures to identify the best approach.

Botox is an effective way of dealing with wrinkles. We’ll inject the solution into targetted areas of your face to relax muscles beneath the affected skin. The procedure takes less than an hour and has no downtime.

In some cases, we’ll also use dermal fillers. Again, we’ll inject specific areas to restore lost volume. You’ll notice the results immediately.

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Grey Ryan
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My father came in for a root canal treatmeant with Caroline after having a fear of the dentist perviously. My father now has no more pain and would definitely return to love teeth as the environment made him incredibly comfortable! Would highly recommend.

Demi Louise
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The dentist at Love Teeth was very kind and warming and my daughter did not feel nervous at all. I am so grateful they managed to do the extraction with ease. The waiting room for children is also brilliant, with seasonal things to do (colouring, books, ipad, projector with a film on). We would most definitely come back and will now be looking at a membership for my daughter.

Freya Emily
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Gorgeous and friendly staff, really beautiful clinic and perfect treatments. I had my front fillings changed and they look really good. They match my teeth and aren’t visible. I know this is tricky to do but my dentist here is very good and professional so done the best job I have had. Everyone is happy to share information on treatments and will answer any questions.

Lena Thamer
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I recently had the opportunity to visit this clinic for the first time, and I must say, it was a great experience. Dr. Taha, the hygienist, truly stood out with his amazing service. Right from the beginning, he made me feel comfortable and at ease. What impressed me the most was his attentive nature. He patiently listened to all my concerns and took the time to address each one of them thoroughly. It’s rare to find a professional who genuinely cares about their patients’ needs and goes the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

Ryan Lawrence
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After my girlfriend recommending them as being the best I decided to get my teeth looked at. My teeth are now complete and I can’t actually believe the difference they’re amazing. I highly recommend Loveteeth dental practice, very professional and very welcoming. I could not be happier! Thank you so much!

Lynsey Feltham
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Dr KP is highly competent. I am so pleased with my teeth and the service at Love Teeth. The clinic is very welcoming and not clinical like most dentists. Kerry is also a great receptionist and very helpful. Firstly from the consultation with Dr KP I came away so impressed as he understands and doesn’t talk you into anything and explained in depth all the process and answered any questions I had on all the treatments he provides. You don’t feel rushed at all. I really like his expertise and feel completely at ease and confident in his care and I have had the same dentist for over 25 years so never thought I’d say that. He literally did a few adjustments to my teeth and they look amazing! I would highly recommend and I am looking forward to having some more treatments done. Thank you.

Stephanie Marx
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So far my experience with Love Teeth Chessington has been fantastic. Megna is warm and professional, she really listened to what I want to achieve and pieced together a bespoke dental plan for me. After focusing on the health of my teeth, I’m now 8 weeks into my Invisalign journey. The support from the team on the phone has also been seamless! Would definitely recommend.

Lisa Petruzziello
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After having such a great experience myself, I took my 17 year old son for a check up. Again the experience was brilliant and consistent to mine. My son can’t wait to start treatment which is lovely to see, I will definitely be moving my husband over to love teeth as well. Thank you love teeth

Frequently asked questions

What Causes Smoker’s Lines?

Smokers’ lines do not always come about from smoking. They’re also sometimes referred to as kiss lines or lipstick lines. The cause of these lines is often a combination of the natural ageing process, the depletion of naturally occurring collagen and elastin proteins, and repeated facial movements.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a branded product containing Botulinum-A Toxin, a neurotoxic protein that blocks nerve transmissions and relaxes muscles at the injection site. Outside of facial aesthetics, Botox is commonly used elsewhere in medicine to treat migraines, relieve spasms, and more.

Even though it has ‘toxin’ in its name, Botulinum-A Toxin is safe when injected by a skilled and experienced professional. Side effects are minimal. You may experience some flu-like symptoms and swelling around the treatment site; however, these side effects will pass within days.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid (HA) to provide volume to your skin. HA is a safe solution commonly found in the human body. When injected into sunken and wrinkled skin, HA attracts water molecules to restore plumpness.

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