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Enjoy a Natural Radiance With Enerpeel

A healthy skin tone gives you a youthful complexion. But dehydration, pollutants, free radicals, dead cell build-up, and decreased collagen production takes their toll on your appearance. As a result, the fresh look of youth quickly gets replaced with ageing, dull, dry skin.

Using a chemical peel treatment, we can restore your fresh complexion and restore the healthy glimmer in your skin. 

We use the renowned EnerPeel® in our chemical peel treatments. Because of its carrier ingredient that provides more peel absorption and less redness, there’s little downtime with EnerPeel®, and the results are outstanding.

The Types of Chemical Peel

Different areas and skin types require different peels. Here are the peels we’ll use in your treatment.

Mandelic Acid (MA)

EnerPeel® MA exfoliates without causing too much redness. Depending on the number of peels you’ve had already, we’ll leave this peel on for between 2-10 minutes. Occasionally, we’ll give you a neutraliser wipe to take home to provide maximum effectiveness. Mandelic acid reduces the signs of ageing, treats rosacea, and remodels your skin. It works well on darker skin types and clients with pigmentation caused by hormones, sun exposure, and age.

Salicylic Acid (SA)

Effective at treating acne, this peel uses Tebiskin® OSK creams. The salicylic acid exfoliates and opens up ducts while reducing oil. This type of peel works well on oily, inflamed, and textured skin. It’s a pore-refining treatment and is suitable for use on your chest and back.

Pyruvic Acid (PA)

Pyruvic acid may be gentle, but it’s a powerful and effective medical-grade peel that fights the signs of ageing. Using this treatment, we can deal with pigmentation and open pores. The sebum-slowing properties of pyruvic acid are like that of salicylic acid; however, PA penetrates deeper. When tackling the after-effects of acne, PA helps with oiliness and damage. This makes it useful following treatment with EnerPeel® salicylic acid. PA works around the neck and cleavage lines and can tighten loose skin and help with oily skin.

Eyes and Lips (EL)

For treatment around the lips and eyes, we use a peel that contains TCA. Enerpeel® EL is a specially formulated peel that we’ll layer on these areas, which are usually too sensitive for TCA. But with Enerpeel, each new layer builds on the treatment’s strength, giving tighter control of the application. This peel can treat smokers’ lines over the lips, pout lines, dark circles around the eyes, crow’s feet, and uneven pigmentation and skin tone.

Jessner’s (JR)

EnerPeel® JR is an updated Jessner’s peel that contains salicylic acid (15%), lactic acid (20%), and resorcinol (14%). The lactic acid and resorcinol elements help with sun damage, age, and hormone-related pigmentation. The resorcinol attracts the enzyme tyrosinase and stops it from turning tyrosine to melanin, interrupting pigment formation. The lactic acid has a similar effect of reducing pigment, and existing pigmentation will get removed through exfoliation. Any oils get extracted with the salicylic acid, increasing penetration of the lactic acid and Resorcinol. We’ll apply this peel for up to five minutes. Then, we’ll use wipes or cotton pads to remove the treatment, so the lactic acid and resorcinol stay in the skin and continue to tackle the pigmentation.

TCA (Trichloroacetic acid)

EnerPeel® TCA 25% works deep into your skin to maximise fibre development while encouraging the breakdown of old fibres. Doing this replaces any lines and wrinkles with fluid collagen and elastin matrix, making your skin flatter and smoother. TCA effectively treats lines, wrinkles, excessive-sized pores, photo-ageing, ice-pick scars, and other types of scarring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is EnerPeel?

EnerPeel is a popular and effective brand of chemical peel treatment. We’re proud to provide this treatment to help reduce the signs of ageing and treat skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, photo-ageing, and more.

Does EnerPeel Hurt?

EnerPeel doesn’t hurt. You’ll notice a warm tingling sensation; however, this quickly passes. The level of warmth depends on the type of peel used.

How Long Does EnerPeel Take?

Each EnerPeel treatment takes roughly 30 minutes. This includes a skin assessment, the treatment, and a discussion about aftercare.

How Many EnerPeel Treatments Will I Need?

The number of procedures you’ll need depends on their depth and the skin condition we’re treating. We’ll let you know what you can expect during your initial consultation.

How Long Until I See the Results of EnerPeel?

The exact time it takes to see improvement from EnerPeel varies depending on the type of skin and the condition we’re treating. Some people notice improvements after just one peel. The entire course takes three months, so it’s best to allow this length of time to achieve the best results.

Why Choose EnerPeel?

EnerPeel is a brand trusted by leading private skin clinics throughout the UK. EnerPeel chemical peels work inside your skin instead of on its surface. The depth of the EnerPeel treatment helps remodel and restore your skin’s surface. It does this while tackling damage caused by ageing and by the sun. Using EnerPeel, we can treat issues such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne, thread veins, and more.

Is EnerPeel Right for Me?

With any cosmetic treatment, asking questions and seeking advice are essential. We won’t ever encourage you to get a treatment that isn’t going to benefit you, and we’ll never pressurise you into anything you’re uncomfortable with.

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