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Mini Smile Makeover


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£31.23 per month*

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Few cosmetic procedures can claim to be as life-changing as Dr Kunal Patel’s signature Mini Smile Makeover.

Whatever it is that bothers you about your best asset (that’s your smile, by the way,) leave it to Kunal and the Love Teeth team to come up with a treatment plan. We could change the way you feel about yourself forever.

The mini smile makeover concept makes use of many different cosmetic techniques to align, replace, repair and whiten. The result is a smile you won’t be able to resist showing to the world.

*Finance example – Composite edge bonding and whitening smile makeover would cost £1500. That’s only £31.23 per month over 60 months at 9.9% APR. Total amount repayable with interest would be £1,874.07.

The Ingredients of Smile Perfection

A Mini Smile Makeover from Love Teeth sees our experts using every technique at their disposal to create a smile you won’t be able to shake. Mini Smile Makeovers usually combine a series of procedures carried out over several weeks or months.

What’s different about Love Teeth’s Mini Smile Makeover is that our minimally-invasive treatments are carefully selected to achieve maximum results in minimum time, with minimum discomfort.


Gaps, crookedness, overcrowding and misalignment can be easily treated with Love Teeth’s orthodontic range. And with fast, discreet straighteners such as the Invisalign range on offer, you’ll look just as good during treatment as after.


Missing teeth are not a good look for any smile. Thankfully, Kunal’s Mini Smile Makeover presents several options for replacing missing teeth with permanent, natural-looking replacements, including bridges and implants.


The last thing we want to do is remove teeth that just need a little care and attention to get them back into shape. For this, we have crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, bonding and a load of other dental tricks up our sleeve.


A perfect shade of white for a perfect smile is the icing on the cake. Choose from our whiten-at-home system or in-clinic whitening for even more amazing results.

Before & after


Crossbite, overcrowded and worn teeth.


Alignment, bleaching and composite bonding (ABC).


Inverted and crowded teeth.


Alignment, bleaching and composite bonding (ABC).


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You helped me find my X-Factor!


X-Factor hopeful Alessia felt self-conscious when smiling - and that’s not the best look for TV. We stepped in with our align bleach and composite treatment.