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Shhh! It’s One Of Dentistry’s Best Kept Secrets!

You’ve probably heard of cosmetic restorations like veneers or crowns. These popular treatments enhance your smile and your oral health.

Composite edge bonding doesn’t get talked about as much as these other superstar procedures—but the results are just as spectacular.

Composite bonding helps treat a wide range of dental concerns like cracks and discolouration, building up the edges of teeth can improve their shape and proportion while making the smile appear straighter or less gappy.

In addition to being cost-effective, composite edge bonding is also quick and non-invasive. There are no drills involved, and we won’t even need to give you an anaesthetic.


How Composite Edge Bonding Works

If you’d like to find out whether composite edge bonding is for you, we’ll start with a full smile assessment. We’ll also listen to what you dislike about your teeth and what changes you’d like to see.

During this assessment, we’ll look at your teeth’ size, shape, and position to determine whether composite edge bonding will achieve your goals. Once you’re happy, we’ll plan the treatment.

Using a combination of art, science, and malleable composite resin, we’ll skillfully build up the edges of your teeth until they look amazing. Once we’re happy with the shape, we’ll use a special light to harden the resin.

We want your teeth to feel completely natural. Once the resin is hard, we’ll tweak the edges to ensure they’re smooth and comfortable.

Depending on the extent of the changes we’re making, we can perform this treatment in a single, short appointment—it really is that simple!


Read Our Five-Star Rated Reviews

Our award-winning dentistry is consistently five-star rated. Here’s what our patients say.

Lynsey Feltham
Reviewed on Google

Dr KP is highly competent. I am so pleased with my teeth and the service at Love Teeth. The clinic is very welcoming and not clinical like most dentists. Kerry is also a great receptionist and very helpful. Firstly from the consultation with Dr KP I came away so impressed as he understands and doesn’t talk you into anything and explained in depth all the process and answered any questions I had on all the treatments he provides. You don’t feel rushed at all. I really like his expertise and feel completely at ease and confident in his care and I have had the same dentist for over 25 years so never thought I’d say that. He literally did a few adjustments to my teeth and they look amazing! I would highly recommend and I am looking forward to having some more treatments done. Thank you.

Greg Hughes
Reviewed on Google

2 fillings today, in and out in just 35 minutes. Quick and completely pain free. Great friendly team. By far the best dentist I’ve ever been to. :)

Leanne Hobbs
Reviewed on Google

I don’t have a bad word to say about Love Teeth North Cheam & the Stonecot branch. I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced and been cared for in both branches. I’m now at the end of my Invisalign treatment and I can say hand on heart it’s been such a positive experience from start to finish over the past 8 months & have felt so relieved I chose Love Teeth for this treatment. Everyone from the reception staff, to the hygienist, all the dental nurses assisting, and to my amazing Invisalign dentist Michael have been so friendly, welcoming, caring and approachable. They will always go out their way to give you the best experience possible. Both branches are very modern, bright and sleek when you walk in, particularly the new Stonecot branch which has just opened, where they even have Netflix on the ceiling for you to watch while getting your teeth done, which is very fun! Even the Love Teeth bags your given are lovely (which sounds ridiculous) but it’s the little touches, and all very well organised. My dentist Michael has been so brilliant, he’s been so thorough with his care, honest, he takes his time explaining things and has been so reassuring. I’ve always felt in such safe hands with his knowledge and treatment, and would always listen to his recommendations. Thank you so much to all the team & special thanks to Michael – it’s definitely been an experience & I’m so glad I chose Love Teeth, will absolutely recommend!! You won’t regret it if you choose Love Teeth!

Linda Norris
Reviewed on Google

The girls are kind and lovely and Emanuele so experienced with implants that the entire procedure is quick and relatively painless. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Arnold
Reviewed on Google

I’ve just finished my Invisalign treatment and am thrilled with the results. All the staff are friendly and polite, always ready to help with any questions. The surgery looks and smells amazing, I can not recommend Love Teeth enough! Dr KP is an absolute perfectionist and the work I have had done alongside my Invisalign (veneers, gum lasering and contouring) looks absolutely amazing. Thank you to to all 😁

Simon Thomson
Reviewed on Google

I’ve been going to Love Teeth for almost two years since I got my composite bonding done. Everyone is so kind, helpful and great at what they do.

Zara Mughal
Reviewed on Google

Special thanks to Shivam Divani at LoveTeeth Cheam, his customer service is incredible & his work speaks for itself. He is so transparent and provides you a non biased opinion on cosmetic treatments, I will be recommending him to all of my friends for Invisalign, Bonding and Whitening treatments.

Stephanie Marx
Reviewed on Google

So far my experience with Love Teeth Chessington has been fantastic. Megna is warm and professional, she really listened to what I want to achieve and pieced together a bespoke dental plan for me. After focusing on the health of my teeth, I’m now 8 weeks into my Invisalign journey. The support from the team on the phone has also been seamless! Would definitely recommend.


Is Composite Edge Bonding Right for Me?

Composite edge bonding is the perfect solution for many cosmetic concerns. We’ll let you know whether it’s the right option for you during your initial consultation.

Typically, composite edge bonding works best in areas of low pressure. For example, this might include the prominent upper front teeth and incisors. We can build up the edges of your lower teeth; however, we’ll need to check your bite before deciding.

Composite edge bonding can also treat mild cases of misalignment. However, we may recommend alternative treatments like Invisalign or Six Month Smiles for more severe alignment challenges.


Why choose Love Teeth?

Cosmetic Perfection

Every smile we restore with composite bonding uses a high-quality, natural-looking tooth-coloured resin that seamlessly blends with your own teeth. Our skilled dentists use their artistic and aesthetic skills to ensure your smile is perfect.

Diligent Design

Success is in the planning—and our experienced team knows how to plan. After a thorough assessment and discussion, we’ll plan your bespoke treatment, focusing on the specific details that matter to you.

Sheer Simplicity

Although a lot of work goes into creating the perfect smile, you’ll love the simplicity of the procedure. Sit back and relax while we reimagine your smile, creating noticeably outstanding results in no time at all!

A One-of-a-Kind Treatment

No two smiles are the same, and because of this, every treatment is unique. With years of knowledge and experience at our fingertips, we’ll tailor your treatment to fix and refine the specific issues you face with your smile.

A Discomfort-Free Experience

While improving your experience is always central to all we do, the composite bonding process is straightforward and discomfort-free. That said, we’re always here to support you and find ways to minimise any worries or anxiety you may have.

Thousands of Smiles Restored

We’ve perfected countless smiles using this simple but effective cosmetic procedure. Why not see what our other patients say about their bonding treatments? Check out our positive feedback and glowing reviews.


Before & After cosmetic bonding


Discoloured and worn teeth with uneven edges.


Composite bonding & Enlighten whitening.


Broken tooth, deep bite, narrow arches and general overcrowding.


Alignment, bleaching, composite bonding (ABC) and a porcelain veneer.

Meet Love Teeth’s

Bonding Artists

Our outstanding team has perfected the bonding procedure and achieved great results from the comfort of our clinics at Worcester Park, Cheam, Chessington, Stonecot, and Sutton.

Reshape Your Smile With
Composite Edge Bonding

At Love Teeth, our expert team has considerable skill in performing the composite edge bonding procedure. We’re proud of the results we achieve, and we know you’ll love your new smile.

To find out more about composite edge bonding, book your appointment now!