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Wedding Smiles


Available from

£61.43 per month*

How can we help?

If there’s a big wedding on the horizon, let Love Teeth be the first to congratulate you!

Now your venue is booked and guests invited, let’s make sure you’ll be smiling down the aisle on the big day.


Love Teeth’s Dr Kunal Patel is a Wedding Smiles pioneer. His revolutionary ABC Wedding Smiles treatment is perfect for making your smile wedding day-ready in under four months.


Ready For The Big Day?



Smile down the aisle


Treatment includes orthodontic alignment with Invisalign – the world’s fastest discrete, removable aligners.

We follow up with leading Enlighten Evolution whitener for a guaranteed white-wedding shade before getting rid of chips, cracks and other imperfections through the magic of composite resin.

And because every smile is different, you get to choose which treatments go into creating your unique Wedding Smile makeover.

What’s in a Wedding Smile?

A is for Alignment

We use Invisalign - the world’s best aligner - along with state-of-the-art iTero 3D scanning for spectacular results.

B is for Brightening

We use only premium whiteners like Enlighten Evolution to achieve a brilliant shade that won’t let you down on the day.

C is for Composites

We’ll perfect your smile using the world’s best-rated composite resin Renamel. Renamel is fantastic for repairing chips, erasing blemishes and resculpting misshapen teeth.

Have a Gift From Us

We want to make sure you look your best on the big day, so we’ll provide a FREE whitening top-up before the big day. We’ll also arrange a free photoshoot so you can test drive your new smile.

Before & After


Central diastema, lower crowding.


Invisalign, bleaching and composite bonding.


Underbite with crowded teeth and uneven edges.


Invisalign, bleaching and composite bonding.


Wants whiter teeth, wants straight teeth.


ABC Invisalign, Enlighten teeth whitening, Cosmetic shaping.


Wedding Smile Bundles

Wedding Smile Makeover

From £93.71* per month

This includes our Invisalign straightening, whitening and composite finishing to both arches of teeth

Wedding Smile Makeover Lite

From £61.43* per month

This includes our Invisalign straightening, whitening and composite finishing to the upper teeth only

Wedding Whitening for couples offer

From £395 per person

Stage One

Let’s Talk

Pop into Love Teeth for a chat and we’ll help you to decide on the best course of treatment. And, using our iTero 3D scanner, we can show you an accurate picture of your completed smile before treatment begins.

Stage Two

Aligner production

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll send your 3D scans to the Invisalign laboratory to be turned into a series of custom-made removable aligners.

Stage Three

Let’s Get Straight To It

You’ll receive your first aligner within a fortnight. We’ll show you how to get the most from day-to-day wear.

Stage Four

Straightening In Progress

Invisalign aligners are designed to be worn 24/7 and removed when you brush or eat. But don’t worry, the clear aligner is so discrete that most friends and family won’t even notice. Treatment time varies from four to nine months and you should visit Love Teeth every eight weeks or so to make sure treatment is progressing as planned.

Stage Five

Shades Whiter

The great thing about Enlighten Evolution is that you can whiten while you straighten. With guaranteed long-lasting results and low sensitivity, it’s no wonder Enlighten is the world’s favourite whitener.

Stage Six

Cherry On Top

Composite bonding with world-leading Renamel hides any last minor blemishes you wouldn’t want to see on wedding photos. This versatile resin is fantastic for repairing chips, covering cracks and resculpting imperfections. We’ll also give you a retainer to keep your newly aligned teeth in position. You should wear this each night for the first six months following treatment, and as instructed by your dentist afterwards.

Stage Seven

Smile, You’re All Set!

Here’s where you come in. All that’s left is to enjoy the day
– and don’t forget to say ‘I do!’

Finance examples

*Complete Wedding Smile Makeover is £4500. That’s only £93.71 per month over 60 months at 9.9% APR. Total amount repayable with interest would be £5622.84.
*Wedding Smile Makeover Lite is £2950. That’s only £61.43 per month over 60 months at 9.9% APR. Total amount repayable with interest would be £3685.95.
We also offer 0% finance over 12 months on all packages!