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Six Month Smiles Surrey

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Not everyone has ages to spend waiting around for traditional fixed braces to do their work.

When big dates like weddings or graduations loom, Six Month Smiles could be the orthodontic option to have you looking ready in time.

Where ordinary brace work on all teeth, our Six Month Smiles straighten the few teeth on show when you smile. It makes for a much quicker treatment time, with results in as little as – you guessed it – six months!

And if you’re worried about friends knowing about your little straightening secret, have no fear on that front either. Six Month Smiles use discreet clear wires and tooth-coloured brackets so that no one need ever know.

Six Month Smiles

Success with Six Month Smiles


Way Fast

Results in as little as six months



Fixed brace system


Good Lookin'

Discreet clear wires and tooth-coloured brackets



Cost-effective straightening

Six Steps to Straighter Teeth

Your Consultation

Meet the Love Teeth team, and we’ll let you know if Six-Month Smiles could be the right plan of action to get your teeth in shape for that big day ahead.

Suits You!

At your first Six-Month Smiles appointment we’ll get your brace fitted. The process usually takes around an hour or so.

Let’s Get Moving

The braces will begin their straightening action right away, moving your teeth gently into the planned position.

Fine Tuning

You’ll return to Love Teeth after a few weeks to have the braces adjusted and tightened. You’ll need to repeat this every month or so, and you should be seeing great results already.

Almost There

Around month five, you’ll notice your teeth appear straighter. Soak up the sweet feeling of success – you’re almost ready to have the braces removed.

All Done!

At your final appointment, you can kiss goodbye to your brace and say hello to a brand new smile. That’s all there is to it!

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