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If you’ve ever wondered how Hollywood A-listers achieve their smiles, the secret isn’t Scientology but veneers. From gaps and cracks to discolouration, these little dental wonders can be used to cover and correct all kinds of dental problems.

You can think of veneers as ultra-thin covers for the teeth, which act similarly to false fingernails. And just like a good pedicure, the effect is impressive.

We offer no-prep veneers and traditional, longer-lasting porcelain options. Talk to our team if you’re unsure which is best for you.


Very, Very Versatile

While our straighteners work miracles on crooked and misaligned teeth, orthodontics can be overkill if only a few teeth need straightening. When that’s the case, we use veneers to give teeth a much straighter appearance.

The humble veneer covers the damage when chips, cracks, and breaks are too minor to need invasive repair.

And last but not least, veneers can also be used to achieve whiter teeth where other whitening treatments fail.


Read Our Five-Star Rated Reviews

Our award-winning dentistry is consistently five-star rated. Here’s what our patients say.

Flavia Carli
Reviewed on Google

Beaut practice and welcoming staff! Had a couple composite fillings with Dr Deryn and couldn’t be happier. I’m usually anxious when visiting the dentist but Deryn and Natascha made my experience feel relaxed and comfortable. Staff at front desk are lovely and put me at ease from the get go – thank you Tracey, Eloise and Colette for your support ❤️

Reviewed on Google

Fantastic NHS check up & filling with Dr Maryam Butt. Maryam provided very thorough & professional dental treatment. She was calm & compassionate making me feel welcome and at ease. Maryam took good care of me, providing an honest service and great follow on advice. Thank you, Maryam.

Jack Adams
Reviewed on Google

Love Teeth Dental, what can I say.. Absolutely lovely group of people who really want the best for you. I had composite bonding done 8 teeth yesterday along with three fillings and am blown away by the results. Deryn, and Abby were amazing! Not to mention everyone i’ve met on reception.

Kimberly Hollamby
Reviewed on Google

Very welcoming and thorough advice on composite bonding for my teeth!

Katie Lucas
Reviewed on Google

I am extremely nervous about the dentist and have been for 2 fillings today. When I came in I was shaking and on the edge of tear but Rohan was brilliant, really reassuring and made me feel really comfortable. My nerves calmed throughout and had a great experience. Thanks Rohan

Letitia Routledge
Reviewed on Google

Had my first ever hygiene appointment with the lovely Gosha today and from the moment I walked in she made me feel so welcome and comfortable! She explained every step before she did anything and was absolutely amazing, so happy I have found a dental practice like Love Teeth dental! Honestly the nicest dental practice with the best staff. Would 100% recommend to my friends and family.

Deborah Vitiello
Reviewed on Google

Had 2 fillings without an inch of pain.. Didn’t even feel the injection and one side was done without numbing. Was given such a warm welcome by all and the dentist even promised he wouldn’t spoil my lovely day so far.. The experience really didn’t. Thank you so much Love Teeth Dental.

Rachael Hopkins
Reviewed on Google

Having not been to dentist in years I was very nervous but my dentist Laraeb Nawaz made me feel totally at ease and talked me through everything that I needed done, she is lovely and a credit to Love Teeth. All the staff have been so nice, welcoming and attentive. Thank you for all looking after me.


Six veneers for only £106.21 per month

  • Versatile treatment improves the position, shape and colour of teeth
  • Choose a precise shade to match your existing teeth
  • Can be used instead of orthodontics to close minor gaps
  • Gives smiles a natural and healthy appearance
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective

Why Veneers?

No-Prep Improvement

Veneers bond to the teeth with minimal preparation, which means less time spent in the dentist’s chair and more time showing off your smile.

Cost-Effective Cosmetics

You don’t have to be Tom Cruise to veneer your way to a brighter smile. With good care, they’ll last an age, making veneers one of the most cost-effective treatments this side of Hollywood.

Smiles More Control

Using 3D imaging, we’ll put you in the driving seat of your dental destiny – letting you choose the exact shape and shade of veneer to match your smile.


Why choose Love Teeth?

Porcelain Precision

Every aspect of your veneer placement is handled with precision. We’ll carefully plan the treatment process with laser-sharp digital accuracy so the bespoke porcelain veneers we place blend seamlessly with your smile.

Experience You Can Count On

Our clinical team is continually broadening their experience and knowledge so we can keep improving the care we deliver. We’ve trained hard and learnt from some of the best in the industry so that you can trust the future of your smile in our hands.

The A-List Treatment

Every patient we treat and every procedure we perform is unique, and your veneer placement is no different. We take a tailored approach to help you fall in love with your smile, ensuring our care is second to none. From your initial consultation to your aftercare, we want you to feel like an A-lister.

Natural and Noticeable

Dental veneer placements at Love Teeth provide noticeable results while maintaining a natural appearance. We carefully match the porcelain to your existing teeth so that the lab can craft impeccably beautiful veneers that truly enhance your smile.

The Best Technology and Materials

We’ve invested in the best technology and materials available, so everything that goes into your veneers is perfect. We use the latest cutting-edge technology and the finest materials to help us give you an exceptional smile in the most comfortable way possible.

Smiles All Round

Don’t just take our word for it; we’ve crafted countless smiles using dental veneers, and our previous patients have loved showing them off. Check out some of the gleaming testimonials and five-star reviews our other very important patients have given us and see what the hype’s all about.


Before & After Veneers


Discoloured and worn teeth with uneven edges.


Enlighten whitening and composite veneers/bonding.


Broken tooth, deep bite, narrow arches and general overcrowding.


Alignment, bleaching, composite bonding (ABC) and a porcelain veneer.

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