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Traditional black dental fillings aren’t a great look – especially when they’re on show to the whole world.

There’s a good reason why fillings are made from black amalgam. It’s long-lasting, hard-wearing properties make it an ideal filler for cavities.

In the past, opting for tooth-coloured fillings meant sacrificing longevity and signing up for regular trips to the dentist to have the resin fillings replaced.

But that’s no longer the case.

Modern tooth-coloured fillings are miles stronger and much longer-lasting than their traditional black counterparts. And they blend in so seamlessly with surrounding teeth that dentists affectionately refer to them as invisible fillings.

Spot the Difference

Natural Look

We don’t call them invisible fillings for nothing. Once in place, you need no longer worry about advertising your cavities to the world.


Newer tooth-coloured synthetic resin now gives black amalgam a run for its money when it comes to lifespan.

Fast & Comfortable Treatment

We’ll administer an anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing and in most cases, you’ll be in and out of the Love Teeth clinic in less than an hour.

Fillings - What to Expect

If you attend regular checkups at Love Teeth, your dentist will probably spot any cavities before you do. If we do find one, don’t worry. They’re one of the more easily treatable dental problems, and the procedure is quick and painless.

We’ll start by administering a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the problem tooth. Once it takes effect, we’ll clean around the affected area to make sure it’s free of bacteria and debris.

With the tooth cleaned, it’s time to apply the filling. Your dentist will have mixed the filler beforehand, matching it to the exact shade of the tooth. They’ll fill the cavity and leave to set. That’s all there is to it! The process doesn’t take long – usually an hour or so, depending on how many fillings are needed.

It’s best to stick to a soft diet for a day or two after the procedure, and you can get straight back to your usual dental hygiene routine straight away as long as you take care around the new filling.

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