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SmileFast Veneers Surrey


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Introducing SmileFast – Our Speediest Ever Smile Makeover

Love Teeth is proud to be among the first UK dentists to offer a revolutionary new smile makeover technique.


With Six-Month Smiles and Wedding Smiles, we’re the masters when it comes to creating outstanding smiles fast.


And SmileFast has to be our fastest smile makeover yet. With the magic of direct composite bonding, SmileFast can achieve a full and stunning smile transformation in as little as an hour.


It means you have the smile of your dreams at a cost-effective price, without taking time out.


Mirror Mirror!

Who has the fastest smile of all?

Take More Me Time


How Does SmileFast Work?

In many ways, SmileFast is just like a regular smile makeover. The treatment features bonding – a process in which our cosmetic team works with a composite tooth-coloured material to literally re-sculpt the teeth.

But thanks to new patent-pending developments by the SmileFast team, we can cut out most of the time-consuming preparation work usually associated with bonding.

The secret is in the use of direct composite, which takes less preparation than porcelain to achieve smile perfection. Direct composite not only saves time, but it’s also kinder to tooth enamel. It’s also much more cost-effective and looks just as amazing.

With SmileFast, we apply the direct composite to the six front teeth that show when we smile.

The process is so quick, you could undergo a stunning transformation on your lunch hour.

The Secret of Six

SmileFast is Perfect For.


Colour and Texture
Discolouration? Rough or grooved teeth? SmileFast’s direct composite bonding masks all sorts of imperfections.


Acidic foods can quickly erode our teeth. SmileFast restores erosion and eradicates the staining caused by acidic foods.


With SmileFast, you can correct an overcrowded smile without spending ages in orthodontic braces.


Wear and Tear
No matter how well we take care of our teeth, there’s no escaping daily wear and tear. SmileFast reverses wear and erosion while restoring perfect proportions.


Gappy Smiles
SmileFast closes the gaps between front teeth instantly, so there’s no need to wait ages while expensive orthodontics does its work.

Why We Love SmileFast

Did We Mention it’s Fast?

As little as an hour – and one visit to Love Teeth – is all it takes to experience a complete smile transformation with SmileFast.

No Surprises

We use SmileFast’s hi-tech digital imaging to design your perfect smile and show you a sneak peek of how you’ll look after treatment.

Gently Does it

SmileFast’s innovative stent is non-invasive and kind to enamel. That’s not only great news for teeth but also means less downtime and recovery.

Very, Very Versatile

Chips, cracks, misalignment, gaps, discolouration and much, much more – SmileFast is effective at treating a whole host of cosmetic dental concerns.

You CAN Afford SmileFast

Because SmileFast cuts time-consuming and invasive tooth prep, it’s one of the most cost-effective treatments around.

The SmileFast Process


Step into our welcoming Surrey clinic and we’ll start your consultation. We’ll use the latest 3D imaging to design and plan your smile before giving you a peek into the future with SmileFast’s unique Smile Preview.


When you love what you see, we’ll schedule treatment. Our team uses SmileFast’s patent-pending tech to help apply the composite and get picture-perfect looks.


In an hour or two, you’ll leave Love Teeth feeling like a whole new you.

Before & After


Short, worn teeth.


Re-contoured with SmileFast.


Worn teeth with uneven edges.


SmileFast restores proper proportions.


Poorly-proportioned teeth.


SmileFast makes a subtle yet stunning improvement.


Discolouration and poor aesthetics.


SmileFast improves shape and shade.


Teeth appear too small.


Proper proportions restored with SmileFast.


Gaps, inconsistencies and discolouration.


Gaps closed and smile re-sculpted with SmileFast.


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