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Jawline Fillers


Redefine Your Jaw With Jawline Fillers

Jowls and sagging jawlines are often unwanted facial fixtures many patients would like to see the back of. During our youth, the skin in our jaw is filled with pockets of healthy fat, collagen, and elastin. This helps keep the skin around the jaw looking smoother, healthier and fuller.

But as collagen and elastin production slows, the skin around our jaw sags and jowls form. It’s at this point that jaws often lose their definition. While surgery can fix this, it’s usually invasive and expensive. Jawline fillers are a non-surgical treatment option that achieves the desired results without downtime or discomfort.


The Jawline Filler Process

As with any procedure we carry out, we always ensure we go in well-prepared with a good understanding of your needs. We’ll begin with an initial assessment of your face and jawline. Here, we’ll work out the exact areas we need to target with the fillers.

The actual procedure itself couldn’t be simpler. Having identified the key treatment areas, we’ll set to work injecting small amounts of dermal filler into the chosen sites on your lower face and jawline that need a lift.

You may experience slight pricks from our needles; however, the treatment is free from pain and discomfort.

Once the treatment is complete, your youthful looks will start to return. Because there’s no downtime associated with the procedure, you can walk out of our clinic and resume your day as if it were any other.


Read Our Five-Star Rated Reviews

Our award-winning dentistry is consistently five-star rated. Here’s what our patients say.

Lorraine North
Reviewed on Google

My grandson had his first filling and the dentist and dental nurse were fantastic with him completing putting him at ease. Highly recommend it.

Fran O’Halloran
Reviewed on Facebook

Highly recommend, the staff are friendly & welcoming, my children are no longer nervous going to the dentist! My 7 year old recently broke his tooth, we didn’t have an appointment but they managed to fit him in, constantly reassuring him & explaining everything that they were doing & he was back at school within an hour! Absolutely fantastic service 🌟

Emma White
Reviewed on Google

So friendly and welcoming from the moment you walk in the door. The staff remember you and make you feel at ease. Rohan and Debbie just did a filling for me and the whole thing was a breeze, very kind considerate treatment and lovely people. Thank you!

Stephanie Marx
Reviewed on Google

So far my experience with Love Teeth Chessington has been fantastic. Megna is warm and professional, she really listened to what I want to achieve and pieced together a bespoke dental plan for me. After focusing on the health of my teeth, I’m now 8 weeks into my Invisalign journey. The support from the team on the phone has also been seamless! Would definitely recommend.

Ryan Lawrence
Reviewed on Facebook

After my girlfriend recommending them as being the best I decided to get my teeth looked at. My teeth are now complete and I can’t actually believe the difference they’re amazing. I highly recommend Loveteeth dental practice, very professional and very welcoming. I could not be happier! Thank you so much!

Lynsey Feltham
Reviewed on Google

Dr KP is highly competent. I am so pleased with my teeth and the service at Love Teeth. The clinic is very welcoming and not clinical like most dentists. Kerry is also a great receptionist and very helpful. Firstly from the consultation with Dr KP I came away so impressed as he understands and doesn’t talk you into anything and explained in depth all the process and answered any questions I had on all the treatments he provides. You don’t feel rushed at all. I really like his expertise and feel completely at ease and confident in his care and I have had the same dentist for over 25 years so never thought I’d say that. He literally did a few adjustments to my teeth and they look amazing! I would highly recommend and I am looking forward to having some more treatments done. Thank you.

Maria Safadi
Reviewed on Google

I recently have had composite bonding done in the Sutton branch because I didn’t like the colour, length or shape of my teeth. I can’t thank Caroline enough for spending so much time and effort in making sure that they are perfect, I couldn’t be happier with the results! All the staff are so helpful and so lovely and make you feel so comfortable, I would highly recommend Love Teeth!

Flavia Carli
Reviewed on Google

Beaut practice and welcoming staff! Had a couple composite fillings with Dr Deryn and couldn’t be happier. I’m usually anxious when visiting the dentist but Deryn and Natascha made my experience feel relaxed and comfortable. Staff at front desk are lovely and put me at ease from the get go – thank you Tracey, Eloise and Colette for your support ❤️


Why choose Love Teeth?

Attention to Detail

Perfecting the appearance of your jaw takes more than clinical knowledge. With our detailed approach, we’ll ensure you feel good about the appearance of your jaw.

Tailored to Your Needs

Your jawline filler treatment is completely bespoke. Before we begin, we’ll discuss what you’d like to change and create a custom plan based on your needs.

A Refined Process

Over the years, the team at Love Teeth have acquired and developed exceptional skills and experience in delivering facial aesthetics treatments. We use a refined jawline filler process that provides phenomenal results.

Comfort and Convenience

The jawline filler treatment is a quick and straightforward process that’s minimally invasive. At every step of the brief and convenient process, our supportive and friendly team will do everything to make you feel completely at ease.

Renewed Confidence

Our jawline filler treatment can help you feel younger and refreshed. Any negative feelings you have whenever you’d look in the mirror will become a thing of the past after a brief session with our skilled aesthetics team.

The Inspiring Reviews

Everything we do is for you, so when we see the five-star reviews and glowing testimonials we get from patients, it makes it all worthwhile. If you want to find out why we’re so loved, go check them out!


Meet Love Teeth’s

Aesthetics Team

Our exceptional facial aesthetics experts perform beautiful jawline filler treatments from our comfortable and inviting clinics at Worcester Park, Cheam, Chessington, Stonecot, and Sutton.

Frequently asked questions

What Are Jawline Fillers?

Jawline fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment involving injections of products containing hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance used to provide hydration in various areas of the body. When used as a filler, it gathers water molecules while moisturising and plumping up your skin. This results in improved skin elasticity.

While jawline fillers are designed to target your lower facial features due to their proximity, in some cases, you may also notice a slight improvement in the appearance of the skin on your neck.

How Does Jawline Filler Treatment Work?

Before your treatment, we’ll carry out a full facial assessment. This will help us identify which areas of skin have lost their elasticity. While the procedure reduces the appearance of jowls, marionette lines extending down from your mouth’s sides can also affect your jawline.

Once we’ve created your bespoke treatment plan, we can start the procedure. Having worked out exactly where each injection should go, we’ll strategically inject the dermal fillers into these chosen areas.

How Long Does a Jawline Filler Procedure Take?

Jawline filler procedures are quick and straightforward. The exact length of your procedure will vary depending on the specifics of your case; however, we can usually achieve our aims in 20 to 40 minutes.

What Type of Dermal Fillers Are Used on the Jawline?

To give your jawline the volume and lift it requires, we’ll use a long-lasting and effective dermal filler that gives you the best skin quality possible with increased elastin and collagen. We typically use Stylage XL/XXL, Radiesse Plus, or Belotero Intense/Volume.

Are There Any Side Effects to Jawline Fillers?

Fortunately, there are no significant side effects associated with jawline fillers. Most people experience a small amount of swelling around the treatment areas. Sometimes, swelling may be more significant, and there may also be some bruising. On some occasions, you may experience small lumps under the skin.

All side effects of this treatment should subside naturally within a few days.

What’s the Recovery Time for Jawline Fillers?

One of the great things about jawline fillers is that there’s no downtime. Full recovery takes up to three days; however, as the procedure is minimally invasive and discomfort-free, you can return to work or your usual routine immediately after the treatment.

For the next day after your treatment, avoiding anything too strenuous such as exercise is essential. You should also do your best not to spend too much time in excessive sunlight for a few days.

Other things to avoid for a few days include rubbing the treatment area, wearing makeup, and taking Aspirin, anti-inflammatories, or St John’s Wort.

Are Jawline Fillers Safe?

Yes. Jawline fillers administered by trained and experienced clinical professionals are completely safe. All the treatments we carry out are done to the highest standard, with patient comfort and safety being our central concerns.

Do Jawline Fillers Hurt?

We always do our very best to make your experience as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Jawline filler treatment involves several injections in carefully chosen areas across your jaw.

How Will I Look After Jawline Fillers?

Subtlety is key in everything we do. While we will make noticeable changes to your appearance, they’ll appear completely natural. This is because we take the time to identify the optimal sites where the filler will achieve the best results.

How Long Does the Jawline Filler Treatment Work For?

Your fillers will break down in your body over time. This is normal and perfectly safe. When this happens, your firm skin will start to loosen again. This process takes between one and two years.

Fortunately, once you’ve had jawline fillers, it’s possible to provide you with a top-up treatment to tweak your rejuvenated looks.

Are Jawline Fillers Right for Me?

Whenever we carry out any cosmetic procedure, we’ll always do so knowing you’ve been fully informed about every aspect. Before your treatment, we’ll also perform a full facial assessment to understand your specific needs.

You’ll have opportunities to ask questions and discuss any concerns at every stage. We want you to feel truly at ease every step of the way.

Say Goodbye to Your Sagging Jawline

We want to help you feel good about the way you look. Jawline fillers are an effective treatment for restoring a youthful appearance. If you’d like to learn more about this procedure or visualise how you’d look once it’s done, schedule your consultation today.