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Kiss Lines


Don’t Let Kiss Lines Become a Permanent Fixture On Your Face

Sometimes referred to as “smoker’s lines”, kiss lines appear on your upper lip. The position of these thin vertical lines comes from a particular facial expression; the pout. Whether from kissing, smoking, or applying lipstick, years of muscle contraction on your upper lips can leave indelible lines.

These lines usually fade on their own; however, as we get older, elastin and collagen production slows down. These proteins usually repair wear to the skin caused by repeated facial movements, but without them, the lines become a permanent fixture.

Kiss lines often become more profound if you smoke or spend too much time in the sun. This is because the sun’s rays speed up the depletion of elastin and collagen, and smoking stops oxygen from flowing freely to your skin through the underlying blood vessels.

The good news is that by using non-surgical cosmetic treatments, we can reduce the appearance of kiss lines and give you a more youthful look.


How We Remove
Kiss Lines

If puckering up for years has left you with permanent lines on your upper lip, you may want to reduce their appearance. We can do this using anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox.

Before treatment, we’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve and assess the lines. Creating a tailored treatment plan will ensure we’re targeting the right areas of your face to achieve the best results.

Using BTX-A coupled with dermal fillers, we’ll smooth these lines and take years off your appearance.

The Botox will relax the muscles above your lips, reducing the lines. Dermal fillers can then add volume to the upper lip, improving your skin’s plumpness.

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Rebecca Arnold
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I’ve just finished my Invisalign treatment and am thrilled with the results. All the staff are friendly and polite, always ready to help with any questions. The surgery looks and smells amazing, I can not recommend Love Teeth enough! Dr KP is an absolute perfectionist and the work I have had done alongside my Invisalign (veneers, gum lasering and contouring) looks absolutely amazing. Thank you to to all 😁

Letitia Routledge
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Had my first ever hygiene appointment with the lovely Gosha today and from the moment I walked in she made me feel so welcome and comfortable! She explained every step before she did anything and was absolutely amazing, so happy I have found a dental practice like Love Teeth dental! Honestly the nicest dental practice with the best staff. Would 100% recommend to my friends and family.

Emma Van Eyssen
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I took my anxious son, who had been unsuccessful at treatment with his previous dentist. The team and Dr Woo Young were absolutely fantastic, they were so calm and patient that my son had all his treatment and is happy to go back to see them! Thank you so much, I am very appreciative!

Sarah Parsons
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Came in for a consultation with Michal regarding composite bonding – all staff were super friendly and welcoming. Michal was hilarious and really put me at ease, he answered all my questions and gave me honest, informative options which was then given to me as a print out. Really appreciated the environment and will definitely be going ahead with my treatment with these guys!

Kelly McSorley
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This team has changed my life and I can’t thank them enough. Dr Caroline is amazing, and a god send! A massive thank you to all the staff for being so friendly and welcoming!. I felt so at ease I forgot I was sitting in a dentist, after so many years of feeling nothing but dread. Such an amazing team and Caroline has done such a great job. I will recommend this place to anyone. I will only be coming here from now on. Thank you Caroline Love Teeth Sutton for finally putting a smile on my face that I am proud to show off. Life savers! 😀

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I visited Megna for Invisalign treatment and I am incredibly impressed by the quality of treatment and care she has showed. It has been 12 weeks since I started the treatment and have noticed a significant change to my smile. She answers any questions I have and I can see she loves what she does through her diligence in planning my (complex) case!

Kimberly Hollamby
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Very welcoming and thorough advice on composite bonding for my teeth!

Grey Ryan
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My father came in for a root canal treatmeant with Caroline after having a fear of the dentist perviously. My father now has no more pain and would definitely return to love teeth as the environment made him incredibly comfortable! Would highly recommend.

Frequently asked questions

What Causes Kiss Lines?

Kiss lines, smoker’s lines, and lipstick lines are all names for the same wrinkles on your upper lips. But, contrary to the names of these lines, you don’t have to be someone that smokes, wears lipstick, or even kisses to develop them – they’ll appear as part of the natural ageing process.

Lines in your face appear through repeated use of facial expressions. This is because the muscles in your face are in constant use, and certain movements and expressions leave creases over time.

Typically, these creases are smoothed out naturally due to our skin’s ability to repair itself. However, this restorative process relies on the proteins collagen and elastin, which deplete with age. Without the repair mechanisms, these kiss lines become prominent fixtures that remain in place permanently.

How Are Kiss Lines Treated?

We treat kiss lines using injectables. Through a brief and minimally invasive non-surgical procedure, we’ll iron out the creases in your upper lip and make you look and feel years younger.

The treatment for kiss lines has no downtime and is mostly pain and discomfort free.

What Are the Best Treatment Options for Kiss Lines?

The most reliable treatment for kiss lines is Botox. This branded cosmetic treatment uses Botulinum-A Toxin, a neurotoxic protein used by clinicians worldwide to loosen muscles and minimise the signs of ageing.

We may also use dermal fillers to add volume to your upper lips. Fillers help when the fat supporting your skin is no longer present, leading to a sunken appearance. Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, a substance found throughout the human body which attracts water molecules, hydrates your skin, and improves lost volume.

Sealed With a Kiss

We want you to look and feel your best. So if you’re concerned about the appearance of kiss lines, schedule an appointment to see our highly-skilled facial aesthetics team today.