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Bone & Sinus Grafts


Reversing the Effects Of Bone Loss

If you’ve been told you aren’t a suitable candidate for dental implants, chances are it’s because you have a depleted jawbone that can’t support them.

Thankfully, at Love Teeth, we can reverse the effects of bone loss. We can rebuild lost bone using advanced procedures such as bone and sinus grafts. By doing this, we can restore facial features and place dental implants.

If you’ve been told you can’t have implants, a bone or sinus graft could be the ray of hope you’ve been waiting for.


What Are Bone Grafts?

Bone grafts rebuild lost density in your jaw or sinuses. Having a bone graft paves the way for future implant surgery and repairs damaged facial structures. When you receive a graft, we’ll stimulate the regeneration of your bone.

There are a few materials used to promote bone regeneration. We may use a small amount of bone removed from another part of your jaw, grafts made from synthetic materials, or material from an animal or bone bank.

The ideal option is an autogenous graft which uses a portion of your own bone. Autogenous grafts tend to heal fast and have a strong chance of being accepted by your jaw. There is a high success rate for all types of bone grafts.


Read Our Five-Star Rated Reviews

Our award-winning dentistry is consistently five-star rated. Here’s what our patients say.

Tina Mcallister
Reviewed on Google

Manochithra was amazing sorting my root canal treatment she was so caring and persisted until my pain was sorted. I’ve been at love teeth for a few years and found them so professional yet friendly. Thank you love teeth. Tina

Nasha Shuttle
Reviewed on Google

I chose love teeth ahead of my wedding as I kept seeing the ABC package advertised and I’m so glad I did! Depen was amazing throughout my Invisalign journey and then Michael (the bonding specialist) has been incredible and given me the teeth I’ve always wanted! Any issues I’ve had even after the ABC package they have managed to sort out straight away and have been so lovely throughout. I’m super grateful to the team and so so happy with my new teeth!

Hollie Ann
Reviewed on Google

Had a filling done today by the lovely Rohan and Debi. Was a quick and easy process. They talked me through everything letting me know what was going on, and kept making sure I was okay throughout. Couldn’t ask for a better service, both of them were amazing. Thank you x

Jayden Bruce
Reviewed on Google

The team at Sutton Love teeth have been friendly and supportive throughout my Invisalign journey. I was well informed on the process and I am happy with my results!

Shannon Joanne Wilde
Reviewed on Facebook

I cant recommend love teeth enough, I’m over the moon with my new teeth. Dr KP and Iggy made me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout every appointment and I am no longer too scared to go to the dentist! the receptionists and hygienists are absolutely wonderful and always so kind. I am honestly in love with my teeth now. They have made smiling possible for me now 😁 and I cant wait to show off my new teeth to the world! thank you so much, you guys are amazing!!!

Cynthia Clarry
Reviewed on Google

Dr Caroline and her assistant were fantastic. A very good service excellent dental care and advice. I followed a 5 month programme of Invisalign and now for the first time in my life I have perfect straight white teeth. I can smile with confidence. The cost was reasonable and I came away very happy and satisfied! Thank you Love Teeth and all the team at Sutton Practice!

Anca Elle
Reviewed on Facebook

Top service received from this practice! Doctor Depen is great, he made such a huge transformation and now I’m in love with my new smile. I highly recommend Love Teeth!

Katie Lucas
Reviewed on Google

I am extremely nervous about the dentist and have been for 2 fillings today. When I came in I was shaking and on the edge of tear but Rohan was brilliant, really reassuring and made me feel really comfortable. My nerves calmed throughout and had a great experience. Thanks Rohan


Which Bone Graft Do I Need?

When performing a bone graft, we apply the material straight onto the bone’s surface. Over time, the jaw will fuse to the bone. Once the graft is mature, we can place your dental implants.

We’ll perform a sinus lift to fix depleted bone mass in the upper jaw. Here, we place the graft between your jaw and maxillary sinuses. Before we perform the graft, we need to lift the sinus membrane.


Performing Your
Bone Graft

To start the bone graft process, we’ll take some scans of your jaw or sinuses to assess bone density.

We’ll perform the graft under anaesthetic and access the jaw through an incision in your gums. We’ll place the graft in position before closing up your gums.

Recovery is brief, and you can return to your everyday activities in no time. However, it may take a couple of weeks for your jaw to feel normal and several months for the graft to work.

The time it takes for your bone to heal depends on where the graft is, the material used, the type of graft, and your natural healing capacity. Once we’re satisfied the graft has healed, we can perform your implant surgery.


Why choose Love Teeth?

Surgical Expertise

Our clinical teams across Surrey enjoy decades of combined experience and advanced training in this advanced implant procedure. So it goes without saying that Love Teeth has an excellent success rate.

Compassionate. Supportive

We understand that opting for a bone or sinus graft can feel like a significant—even scary—decision. So we’ve created a compassionate and supportive environment, where we take the time to listen to your concerns, address your questions, and support you throughout your journey.

Fully Personalised Care

We understand the complexity of bone and sinus graft procedures. That’s why we create a customised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to optimise the success of your grafting procedure and provide a stable and long-lasting foundation for your implants.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

We only use the latest evidence-based techniques and technologies for bone and sinus grafts. From guided bone regeneration to minimally invasive procedures, we employ the latest advancements to enhance the success and comfort of your grafting treatment.

Comprehensive Care and Support

We’re dedicated to your comfort and well-being, guiding you through the entire process and offering post-operative care to ensure proper healing and successful graft integration.


Meet Love Teeth’s

Surgical Team

Providing bone and sinus grafts from 21st century surgical suites surgical centres in Worcester Park, Cheam, Chessington, Stonecot and Sutton.

Bone Grafts at Love Teeth

With advanced treatments like bone and sinus grafts, we can help you overcome the problem of lost bone density and prepare you for the life-changing smile rehabilitation dental implants provide.

To learn more about bone grafts, schedule an appointment today.