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How To Get Your Smile Ready for Your Wedding Day

14 Mar 2023

If you’re planning your wedding, you’ll probably want to ensure every detail is completely perfect. In the years and months running up to the big day, you’ll probably buy a wedding dress, a suit, shoes, accessories, bridesmaids outfits, groomsmen’s suits, buttonholes, flowers, and more. You’ll book florists, photographers, entertainers, caterers…the list goes on 

But when you stand before each other and say “I do”, you’ll want your smile to look radiant. When you put so much effort into everything else, why not make sure your smile looks the best it can too? 

At Love Teeth, our ABC Wedding Smiles treatment will help you perfect your smile so you look totally amazing, both on your important day and in the photos you’ll treasure for years to come. Your treatment can include teeth straightening, whitening, and composite bonding and is designed to address all your cosmetic concerns. 

Here’s what you need to know about preparing your smile for your wedding day. 

Your Wedding Smile Assessment

Everyone’s smile is unique. You may have things you like about your smile, and there are probably things you’d love to change. What better reason to address those things you’re unhappy about than your wedding day? 

Because some of our treatments can take a while to achieve results, we’d suggest coming to see us as soon as you start planning your wedding. 

Before your wedding smile makeover,  we’ll need to carry out an assessment. Here, we’ll look at your teeth, gums, and smile and discuss any changes you want to see. We use the latest digital scanning technology to make the process comfortable and give you an idea of what you can expect your new smile to look like before we even begin treatment. 

Depending on your needs, we can offer a combination of Invisalign, Enlighten, and composite bonding to help you get the best results. 

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a well-loved orthodontic aligner system that can fix overcrowded, gappy, and crooked smiles. If you have issues with the position of your teeth, we’ll recommend wearing an aligner to fix your smile. 

The treatment is simple. Wearing your bespoke aligner puts a small amount of pressure on your teeth which gradually alters their position. 


Your aligner will be transparent, comfortable, and removable. This makes your treatment simple and convenient. Using our iTero scanner and the latest software, we’ll show you how your smile will look after the Invisalign treatment. 

The length of your treatment can vary from six months upwards. During this time, you’ll wear the discreet aligner for around 22 hours each day. Because it’s lightweight, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it. And, because it’s transparent, neither will anyone else. 

You can take your aligner out while eating or brushing your teeth, so there’s no need to change your routine or lifestyle to get the smile of your dreams. 

Over the course of your Invisalign treatment, we’ll give you a series of aligners. You’ll wear each aligner for around two weeks. When you replace it, your new aligner may feel a little tighter. This is because it’s designed to move your teeth closer toward their end goal. 

What Is Enlighten Teeth Whitening?

Stains and discolouration can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Often, these stains come from things you eat and drink. But if coffee and red wine have left their mark on your teeth, you can remove these using the professional at-home teeth whitening treatment, Enlighten. 

Enlighten can brighten your smile to a B1 Vita shade, the most natural white possible. The treatment is done from the comfort of your home and involves wearing a whitening tray containing gel on your teeth each night. 

Teeth whitening treatment using Enlighten takes around two weeks. At the end of your at-home treatment, we’ll ask you to return to the clinic for a final whitening session. 

Your bright smile will look outstanding on your wedding day while keeping a natural and healthy appearance. 

What Is Composite Bonding?

If you have cracks and chips or slightly mishappen teeth, composite bonding can seamlessly repair the damage, leaving you with a perfect smile for your wedding day. 

Composite bonding is a quick, simple, but highly effective treatment that uses resin to fix all kinds of problems. There are no drills, you won’t experience any pain, and there’s no downtime after the procedure. 

We’ll apply the composite resin to the affected areas before skilfully crafting it until your teeth look perfect. Because the resin is soft, we’ll need to harden it. We’ll use a special light to do this. 

After the resin has been set, we’ll need to ensure the bonded areas feel comfortable against the inside of your mouth. We’ll carefully smooth out any rough or sharp areas of resin, leaving you with a smile that feels as good as it looks. 

How Much Does a Wedding Smiles Treatment Cost?

The exact treatment cost will depend on which elements you need. A complete Wedding Smile Makeover that includes all three treatments starts at £5,500, whereas a Wedding Smile Makeover Lite starts at £3,450. 

After your initial consultation, we’ll discuss the specific costs of your treatments. 

We know that you’re budgeting for your big day. We also have finance options that mean you can spread the cost of your Wedding Smile Makeover. 

Although your smile makeover might be for your big day, the results are long-lasting, leaving you feeling confident and looking great for a long time to come. 

Wedding Smile Makeovers At Love Teeth

We know looking your best for your wedding day is a big deal, and we want to help you create a smile and memories you can cherish for life. Our team of experienced dentists are here to advise you and help perfect your smile. 

We have Love Teeth clinics offering Wedding Smile Makeovers in Cheam, Chessington, Sutton, Worcester Park, and Stonecot. Call today to schedule your initial consultation. 


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