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10 Undeniable Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

12 Jun 2023

The excruciating pain that comes with a dental infection is often unbearable. Providing we can see you soon enough, we can cure the infection, ease the pain, and save your tooth. We would do this using a routine procedure called a root canal treatment. 

If the mere mention of a root canal treatment has you worried, don’t panic. Root canals are actually much more straightforward than you may think. Additionally, there are many great benefits to getting the treatment. 

If you’re unsure whether a root canal is right for you and you have a tooth that can be saved from a dental infection, then this treatment will definitely help. Here are ten undeniable benefits of root canal treatment. 

1. Root Canal Treatments Provide Pain Relief

A dental infection occurs when bacteria enter your tooth through a cavity or crack. Once inside, the bacteria will infect the living tissue found in your tooth’s pulp chamber and root canal system. Because this living portion of the tooth contains nerve endings, the inflammation from the infection will cause severe pain. 

Dental pain can affect you. It can cause you to lose sleep, put you off your food, cause you stress and anxiety, and make your life very uncomfortable. While painkillers can briefly take the edge off the pain, your dental infection will spread, and the discomfort will worsen. 

While people may tell you that a root canal treatment is painful, the truth is that the pain you’ll experience before the procedure is far worse. Additionally, we’ll give you an anaesthetic to numb the tooth during your treatment so that you won’t feel a thing.

Once you’ve had your root canal, you’ll immediately notice that all the pain and sensitivity associated with the infection will have gone. 

2. A Root Canal Procedure Will Preserve Your Natural Tooth

An untreated dental infection will eventually cause abscesses and kill the tooth. The only way to deal with a necrotic tooth once it’s passed a treatable point is to extract it. This either leaves you with a gap in your smile, or you’ll have to get a replacement tooth. 

By choosing to have a root canal treatment early, you can save your tooth. 

3. Root Canal Treatments Improve Your Ability to Chew

The pain and sensitivity brought on by a dental infection make chewing difficult. For some, the pain is so unbearable that eating is completely off the cards. 

Once you’ve had a root canal treatment, all that pain and sensitivity will be gone, and you can bite, chew, and enjoy all your favourite meals again. 

4. Root Canals Help Your Teeth Look Good

When you have an untreated infection, it will kill the tooth. This leaves the tooth looking grey or black. Once a tooth is dead, we may need to extract it. 

A gap in your smile can affect your confidence and alter your speech. A root canal treatment will save your tooth and keep it looking healthy.

5. A Root Canal Treatment Stops Infection From Spreading

Root canal infections spread. If an untreated tooth dies, the infection will move on to other areas of the mouth and body. 

A root canal is a common procedure that removes infected matter from the tooth to preserve it and stop the infection from spreading. Once the infection is removed, a material called gutta-percha fills the inside of the tooth. 

6. A Root Canal Will Protect Adjacent Teeth

After taking down one tooth, the neighbouring teeth risk a dental infection. By treating the infection early, you can stop it from spreading to the adjacent teeth. 

To keep your teeth in the best possible health, we recommend seeing us twice a year for a checkup. A routine appointment allows us to see the early signs of weakened enamel, tooth decay, or any damage that increases your risk of infection. 

7. Root Canal Treatments Will Save You Money

If you’re worried that a root canal treatment will cost a lot, consider the financial implications of ignoring the problem. Not only will you need an extraction when the tooth dies, but you will also need to replace it. This could mean getting a bridge or a crown supported by a dental implant. 

If the infection spreads to other parts of the mouth, you will need further treatment. This could mean additional root canals or other procedures. 

8. A Root Canal Treatment Improves Your Overall Health

An infection that starts inside a single tooth can spread to affect other areas of the mouth, including the gums and jaw. If the infection enters the bloodstream, it could move onto other body parts, including vital organs like the heart and lungs. 

By catching the infection while it’s still contained in the tooth, you’ll prevent potentially serious health complications. 

9. Root Canals Give You Peace of Mind

When you have dental pain, it’s often all you can think about. Because the discomfort is on your mind, it can cause you to worry about all of the worst-case scenarios. A root canal treatment removes the infection and helps put your mind at ease. 

Once the pain and discomfort go, you’ll find it easier to minimise any worries you may have about your oral health. 

10. A Root Canal Improves Long-Term Durability

Once we’ve removed the infection from your tooth, we’ll close it using a filling. Often, we’ll suggest that you return soon after so we can place a crown over your tooth. 

A crown will give your tooth extra protection against future damage, decay, and infection. Our lab will create a lifelike crown that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Nobody will know it’s there. 

Root Canal Treatments at Love Teeth

A dental infection doesn’t need to mean prolonged pain, discomfort, or worry. A root canal treatment is a routine procedure that can save you further dental problems and improve the health of your smile. 

If you’re in pain, don’t put it off. Call today to schedule an appointment at our Cheam, Chessington, Stonecot, Worcester Park, or Sutton clinics. 


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