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Same-Day Crowns Surrey


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We love teeth, so removing them is always a last resort. When they weaken, break or fail, there are many techniques we can use to repair and preserve before turning to extractions.

Crowns are one such treatment. They are tooth-shaped caps which sit on top of damaged teeth.

Once cemented permanently in place, the crown is indistinguishable from a real tooth. It’s a simple way to restore the look and function of failed teeth while also protecting them from further damage.

Love Teeth offers a range of materials for dental crowns, including metal and more subtle tooth-coloured porcelain.

And through the magic of our hi-tech Primescan and milling unit, we can now fit crowns in a single day.

*A loan of £935 per porcelain crown over 12 months would cost you £77.92 per month at 0% APR. Total amount repayable would be £935.

Crowning Glories


All Better

Restore the look and function of weak and broken teeth


Smile Perfection

Look and feel just like a real tooth


Fits Right in

Match the shade of your existing teeth


Your Choice

Porcelain, resin, metal and metal-free options available

Fitting Crowns - What to Expect


We’ll start with a consultation when we can let you know in more detail about the pros and cons of each material on offer. Our team can help you to decide which type of crown is right for you.

Get Ready

We’ll then prepare the existing tooth by reshaping it so it the crown can be fitted. Then we’ll take an impression of your newly sculpted tooth so that the crown can be prepared on the same day, using our Primescan and milling unit.

All Done!

If opting for traditional crowns, you’ll be fitted with a temporary crown until your permanent replacement arrives at Love Teeth and it’s time for your coronation. At a second appointment, we’ll remove the temporary crown and apply the permanent one by cementing it in place. That’s all there is to it!

Our Materials



Of all the materials on offer, hard-wearing porcelain achieves the closest match to the colour of your teeth. And because it’s metal-free, it’s perfect for anyone with allergies.



With resin, we can also achieve a close match to your natural tooth colour. This cost-effective option isn't quite as hard-wearing as porcelain and may need replacing more often.



While not quite as subtle as resin or porcelain, fillings in silver, gold and alloy crowns are tough, long-lasting and ideal for hard-to-spot areas.

Before and After


Dental phobia, decayed and discoloured teeth.


Invisalign straightening and crowns.


Discoloured and decayed teeth.


Emax crowns and Enlighten whitening.


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