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Why Is Invisalign So Popular?

29 Jun 2023

Before the start of the 21st century, if you wanted straighter teeth, fixed braces were the best option. But then an orthodontic solution was launched that changed all that; Invisalign. This clear aligner system soon revolutionised the dental industry, and many other brands soon followed. 

To this day, Invisalign remains one of the most popular dental treatments available. And, as technology has improved, the convenience and accuracy of these aligners has only got better and better. 

With millions of people worldwide choosing to straighten their teeth using this virtually-invisible aligner system, it begs the question; why is Invisalign so popular? 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Invisalign and the reasons why so many people love this treatment option. 

Dentists Love Invisalign 

Part of the reason for its popularity is that Invisalign is offered in dental practices across the globe. Why? Because dentists love it. 

Using the advanced Invisalign treatment planning software coupled with our state-of-the-art iTero 3D scanner, we can get an accurate picture of your smile at every step of your Invisalign journey. We love the level of control we get over each individual tooth movement and what that means for your smile. 

Invisalign makes treatment easier for you, which, in turn, is great for us dentists. We love to see happy patients, and we’re proud of the beautiful smiles we perfect using Invisalign. Because we have so much confidence in this treatment option, we’re accredited as an Invisalign Diamond Provider. This means we’re one of the top dental practices in the UK offering the treatment. 

Invisalign is So Discreet

Your Invisalign aligner will be made from a special plastic called SmartTrack. While from a dentistry point of view, this material is impressive because of how it applies pressure to your teeth to move them gently, you’ll love it because it’s also translucent. 

Once you have your aligners in, they’re barely visible. So, when you smile, most people won’t even see your aligner. 

Invisalign Can Boost Your Confidence

Your smile is often one of the first things people notice when they meet you. But when you feel self-conscious about its appearance, you may not want to share it with the world. 

Invisalign will improve the position of your teeth and give you a smile you can feel good about, giving you newfound confidence in the process. 

Your Aligners Will Be Comfortable

To get the most out of your Invisalign aligners, you need to wear them for at least 22 hours each day. The good news is that SmartTrack is lightweight and smooth. This means your aligner won’t rub against the inside of your mouth, and it won’t weigh down your smile. 

Because your aligner is made-to-measure, it’ll fit your teeth perfectly. So, whether you’re talking or laughing, your aligner won’t get in the way. 

Wearing Aligners Makes Mealtimes Simple

Fixed braces are a highly effective way to straighten your teeth. But one of the issues patients encounter is that wearing them may mean changes in their diet. Certain foods are prone to getting trapped between the wires and around the brackets. Additionally, it’s essential to avoid food that could damage the brace. 

Invisalign aligners are removable. Because you can take your aligner out effortlessly, nothing in your diet needs to change. When you take your aligner out, just place it in its case for safekeeping and remember to use it again after your meal. 

You Don’t Have to Change Your Brushing Technique

Fixed braces can attract a build-up of food debris and plaque. But keeping them clean adds to your hygiene routine as you need to pay attention to the spaces between your teeth and the wires and get your brush in right around each bracket. 

With Invisalign aligners, there’s no need to worry about this. Simply brush your teeth as you normally would. Like at mealtimes, you should take your aligner out when brushing your teeth.  This also gives you an opportunity to clean your aligner too. Use warm water and a separate soft toothbrush with liquid soap to keep your aligner bacteria-free.

Invisalign Treats a Variety of Orthodontic Problems

Crooked, overcrowded, or gappy smiles are often the result of genetics, illness, or trauma. Often, problems with crowding prevent teeth from aligning properly when your mouth is closed. This can put pressure on your jaw, leading to headaches. 

There are several types of bite issues, and many are regarded as complex orthodontic problems. Invisalign is a versatile treatment that can help in many of these cases. Before treatment using Invisalign begins, we’ll need to assess your teeth and jaw to ensure this is the best option for you. 

There Are No Adjustments

All orthodontic treatments use constant gentle pressure to guide your teeth until they are straight.  

With a fixed brace, this force comes from tension on the wire. The wire needs tightening throughout the treatment. Each adjustment helps move your teeth slightly further toward their new position. This means several dental appointments throughout the treatment. 

Invisalign does not require adjustments. Instead, you’ll get a series of different aligners which you’ll change every roughly every two weeks. The exact number of aligners needed depends on the extent of the tooth movements required. 

Invisalign Gets Outstanding Results 

When we take the initial scans of your teeth and formulate your treatment plan using the innovative Invisalign software, the mock-ups you see of your future smile are 100% achievable if you wear your aligners as directed. 

In mild cases, we can straighten your teeth in as few as six months. Even in more severe cases, you’ll start to see the changes as your new smile takes shape. Before you know it, you’ll have a smile you’ll love. 

Invisalign in Surrey

As Invisalign Diamond Providers, Love Teeth is known for providing exceptional teeth straightening treatments. With clinics in Sutton, Cheam, Stonecot, Chessington, and Worcester Park, we’ve made it easier than ever to access excellent Invisalign treatment. 

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