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7 Amazing Reasons to Love Composite Bonding

20 Jun 2022

When you look at your smile, do you see all of the minor defects and strongly dislike the overall appearance of your teeth? One small issue with your teeth is easy to address, but when you’ve got several issues, it can feel quite overwhelming.

Thankfully, there’s a treatment that can deal with a whole range of problems all at once; composite bonding. Sometimes referred to as ‘tooth bonding’ or ‘cosmetic bonding’, this treatment is one of dentistry’s best-kept secrets. 

While you may hear lots about veneers and other treatments, composite bonding doesn’t always get a lot of press. So, what do you need to know about this treatment option?

Here are seven amazing reasons to love composite bonding.

1. Composite Bonding Is Versatile

One of the major benefits of composite bonding is it can be used to treat lots of different problems all at the same time. It’s surprising what this treatment can do!

If you’ve got small cracks or chips in your teeth, by applying composite resin to these areas, we’ll not only provide a cosmetic fix, but we’ll also strengthen and protect your tooth against further damage or decay.

Minor issues with small gaps or the alignment of your tooth usually require braces or aligners, but skillfully building up the edges of the tooth with composite resin, will give the illusion that your teeth are perfectly aligned and gap-free.

If your teeth are worn down or misshapen, composite bonding can reconstruct them and improve their shape. 

Stained or discoloured teeth can also benefit from bonding. Applying the resin across lacklustre teeth will brighten their appearance giving you a whiter smile.

2. Composite Bonding Is Non-Invasive

Many patients shy away from dental treatments because they worry about drills and discomfort. With composite bonding, there’s actually none of this. 

Composite bonding is a simple procedure that’s both discomfort and pain-free. 

To begin, we’ll discuss what you’d like us to achieve and assess your teeth to formulate a treatment plan. Ahead of the procedure, we’ll prepare your teeth so the resin sticks to them.

During treatment, we’ll apply a composite resin to the areas we’re correcting. Then, we’ll skillfully craft the malleable resin into shape and make your teeth look beautiful.

Once we’re happy with their appearance, we’ll use a special light to harden the resin so that it firmly adheres to your teeth. 

3. Composite Bonding Is Quick

Because there’s no drilling and very little prep work beforehand, your composite bonding procedure will be brief. The exact length of time will depend on the extent of the bonding needed and how many teeth we’re treating.

Fixing one issue on a single tooth takes minutes; however, many patients opt to have a full smile makeover with composite resin applied to most teeth. A full smile makeover using composite resin may take around two hours. 

Also, with composite bonding, we don’t need to worry about getting anything created in the lab. Lots of dental restorations involve getting impressions taken and waiting for our skilled technicians to craft your prosthetic tooth or veneer. Composite bonding uses resin apple directly to your teeth.

Because of the non-invasive nature of the procedure, there’s no need for anaesthetic and no discomfort after we’re done. That means there’s no downtime, and you can go about the rest of the day however you like! Many people actually opt to get composite bonding treatment on their lunch breaks. 

4. Composite Bonding Is Affordable

We know that your budget is often high on the agenda when it comes to whether to go through with a dental procedure. The great news is that, in comparison to some treatments, composite bonding is kinder on the purse strings.

Usually, this type of treatment is around half the price of veneers. At Love Teeth, we also offer a monthly plan so you can spread the cost of your bonding procedure.

5. Composite Bonding Is Durable

Once we’ve applied the composite resin and it’s bonded to your teeth, it’ll hold firmly in place. With the proper care and attention, your bonding should last for several years.

As with any dental work, it’s essential to look after your teeth to preserve the results. Keep up with regular, thorough brushing and make appointments to see your dentist and hygienist often.

Although you can eat what you like once your teeth are repaired with composite bonding, avoid chewing anything hard. Crunching pen lids or ice could undo our work, damage the bonding, and even harm your teeth.

6. Composite Bonding Achieves Amazing Results

For such a simple procedure, the results of composite bonding are astounding. Not only will the issues with your teeth have gone, but your smile will look completely natural. It’s virtually impossible to even detect that you’ll have had this type of treatment.

Once in place, composite bonding protects your teeth from further damage and decay. This type of treatment isn’t just cosmetic, it can restore your teeth to better health.

7. Composite Bonding Can Restore Your Confidence

Discoloured, gappy, worn down, or damaged teeth can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. We use our smiles to communicate so much, and if you’re not happy with the way yours looks, you may hide it away and struggle in both work and social situations.

If your confidence levels have slipped as a result of dissatisfaction with your smile, you may enjoy renewed satisfaction once you’ve had the treatment. In fact, many of our patients can’t wait to show off their new smiles. 

Fall In Love With Your Smile Again

We want you to love your teeth, that’s why we think composite bonding is a fantastic treatment option. Whether you’re contending with cracks, minor misalignments, staining and discolouration, or other damage; composite bonding could help.

We currently offer composite bonding in our Cheam, Chessington, Stonecot, and Sutton clinics.

To learn more about this amazing treatment, or to find out whether you’re a suitable candidate; get in touch today and arrange your appointment.


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